Too busy being a new mum to find the time to eat properly? Gone off cooking during your pregnancy? Want to expand your network of mums? Then Bcn Hungry MAMAS is just for you! Eat, talk and share your experiences with other mums in Barcelona!

Having a baby away from the support of your family network can be difficult. It certainly was for me! What I missed most in my pregnancy and after the birth of my baby was the care, love and FOOD which I would have happily received if I were back home. Born out of this need, Hungry Mamas was created to feed you at a time when you´re focussed on nurturing a new life. Through social events and meet ups you can share the journey of motherhood with a tribe of other likeminded women, all while enjoying delicious, healthy food.

Being a mum is such a big deal, keep going mama, you´re doing a great job!